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Have You Tried HonorPay?

Use it to pay anyone, anytime, by text or email.  Go to the Honor Mobile app or to get started today.  HonorPay is a very quick and easy way to send money to people you know with your Honor Credit Union debit card!

Transactions are $.50 cents each and there’s a limit of $500 per transaction. Most of the time the money will be transferred from your account to the recipient immediately. Occasionally, it could take up to one day. Plus, once you’re registered it gets even easier because you can save your recipients so that you won’t have to enter their information again. Visit for a list of frequently asked questions.


Sneak in an August Vacation

Don’t let summer pass you by without taking some time to enjoy it! Check out our unbeatable loan rates and terms and start planning the vacation of your dreams! Log in and click New Accounts, then More Loan Info.


Don’t Give Your Money the Day Off This Labor Day

Make sure your money continues working for you by earning dividends! Log in and click New Accounts, then Shares and Certificates to view our current certificate and share rates.


What’s Black and White and Read All Over?

Your account statements that you don’t shred. Be sure to shred these and other financial documents before throwing them away, because raccoons aren’t the only ones who can’t wait to get their hands on your trash. Learn more about keeping your money secure.