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Online Banking Changes

Filer Credit Union has upgraded its security settings. This upgrade expands the current online banking password requirements from 8-10 characters to 8-256 characters, which is great news for your online banking security. However, there may be some growing pains for members who already had passwords longer than 10 characters.

 How does this affect you? If your password is currently greater than 10 characters, the system will not recognize it, and there is a potential you could be locked out of online banking.

Under the old system, if your password was longer than 10 characters, the system technically ignored any character beyond the 10th. Going forward, the system will now be vetting those additional characters, so if your password is longer than 10 characters, the system will not recognize it because it thought all along that your password stopped at 10. If you want to use your old password, you still can, but just remember to only enter the first 10 digits. For example, if your old password was “ilovemydog123”, you’re new login password will be “ilovemydog” because those are the first 10 characters of your old password. So you can still use “ilovemydog” to login in and then update your password to whatever you really want it to be.

You may also notice the way you sign in has been upgraded. If your password is currently considered “too long,” you should see a warning message at the time of sign on.

This would be a good time to:

  1. Verify you know the answers to all of your security questions or update them as needed
  2. Make a note to yourself that the password upgrade occurred and you should only use the first 10 characters going forward.

If you need any assistance changing your password, please contact Filer Credit Union at (231) 723-3400 or stop in to any branch.



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New Season, New Password

Keep your account secure by updating your password on a semi-regular basis.  We would also like to remind you to never respond to unsolicited requests for your financial or personal information.  You can review additional tips by visiting