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Nothing but Benefits

Open a Free Checking account with Evergreen CU and discover all the advantages. Signing up is a no brainer! With our checking accounts you can:

  • Access your money from anywhere.
  • Track your spending.
  • Save interest on your next loan when you set up direct deposit
  • Pay your bills automatically.
  • All in a safe and convenient way.

There’s no minimum balance or monthly service fees so setting up your account is easy and pain free. We will even send you a free debit card!

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*No transaction limitations apply to this account unless otherwise stated in the Common Features section of your membership Terms and Conditions. Eligible minors require guardian co-signature.


Waiting on Your Tax Refund or Stimulus Check?

Did you know: you can sign up to receive an email notification when your tax refund or government stimulus check is deposited into your account!  Simply log in, click on ‘Info Center’, select ‘eAlert Subscriptions’, and then ‘Create New ACH Deposit or Withdrawal eAlert Subscription’.


Relax and Let Your Money Work for You this Spring

Continue to earn dividends whether you are at work or at home.  View our current certificate and share rates by logging in and clicking ‘New Accounts’, and then selecting ‘Shares and Certificates.’


Time for a Password Refresh?

Security should always be a top priority when accessing online banking.  Keep your account protected by changing your password and security questions at regular intervals.  For additional tips on keeping your money safe, visit