Branch Lobbies Open

Please Call for an Appointment for Loans and New Accounts

Please continue to conduct basic services online at, through the Brewery CU App, or by giving us a call:

Main: 414-273-3170

Bay View: 414-755-0047

If you wish to open an account or to speak with a loan or member service representative, an appointment is recommended. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Masks will be optional while inside our lobbies.
  • Practice social distancing (six feet distancing, please) with our members and coworkers. Please see markers on the floor and sidewalk.
  • Sanitation and cleaning will follow CDC guidelines.
  • Provide members and associates with access to hand sanitizers and hand-washing facilities.
  • Ask associates and members who are sick to stay home.
  • Ask members who do not need to meet with our staff to consider using our drive-up, phone, and online banking tools to further reduce the spread of COVID-19.

We gratefully welcome everyone safely back into MLK and Bay View locations and can’t wait to see everyone again. If you have any questions please call us at 414-273-3170, or email us at


Making Summer Travel Plans?

Be sure your account has sufficient money for each stop along the way!  Use your computer or mobile device to transfer funds quickly in online banking.  Simply log in and click My Accounts, then Transfer Money.


Your Money Doesn’t Take a Holiday

Let your money continue to work for you by earning dividends!  View our current certificate and share rates by logging in and clicking ‘New Accounts’, then ‘Shares and Certificates.’


Have You Updated Your Password Recently?

Security should always be a top priority when accessing online banking.  Keep your account protected by changing your password and security questions at regular intervals.  For additional tips on keeping your money safe, visit