What changes are we talking about?

 Catholic United Financial Credit Union will be upgrading our security settings on March 11, 2018. This upgrade will expand your password requirements from the current 8-10-characters limit to then be 8-256 characters, which is great news for your online banking security.

 How does this affect you? If your password is currently greater than 10 characters, the system will not recognize it on March 11th, and you have the potential to be locked out of online banking.

 For example: Jane Member believes her password is ilovemydog123. When Jane enters her password now, the system recognizes only the first 10 characters (ilovemydog) and ignores the rest. After March 11th, when Jane enters her password like she usually does (ilovemydog123), the system will now see the remaining characters of her password, compared to the 10 characters it expected, and will consider that a password mismatch.

 Additionally, between now and March 11th, you may notice the way you sign in has also been upgraded. If your password is currently considered “too long” you should see a warning

message at time of sign on.

 This would be a good time to:

1) Verify you know the answers to all of your security questions or update as needed.

2) Make a note to yourself that the password upgrade occurs on 3/11/18 & continue to use the first 10 characters of your password until you are able to change it at that time.

 On March 11th, you may use the “I forgot my password link” when logging on to Online Banking and follow the prompts to create a new password.


If you need assistance changing your password, contact Catholic United Financial Credit Union at (651) 765-4132.