Change the Look of Online Banking

Did you know you can pick from four different color Themes in It’s Me 247 Online Banking?

Pick a Look that You Like

Pick from Blue Steel, Carbon, Chili Pepper, and Key Lime. Or select a “Lite” version of these themes for a similar look without the graphics, designed for those with dial up connections. You can even select High Contrast for a sharp clear picture without graphics that is easy on the eyes! Then select a Photo Album and customize the picture that shows in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Here’s How

All of the features for working with your accounts will work the same in each Theme.

From the Site Options Page, simply choose one of the available Themes and Photo Albums using the drop down menus. This page also allows you to select the page you see first when entering It’s Me 247. Once you have made your selections, click the Save My Options button. Your choice will become your default style every time you log in to online banking from that point on, but you can also change it at any time in the future if you wish.

Tips for Using Site Styles

  • Internet browser software, such as the latest version of Internet Explorer (minimum of ver. 7.0 is recommended) or Mozilla Firefox. Web TV is not supported.
  • The browser must have session cookies and JavaScript enabled.
  • The browser must use 128-bit encryption. (To check the encryption level, from the Help menu, choose Help About… and look for a cipher strength or “high-grade security” notation indicating 128-bit strength.)