Work Hard, Play Hard with a New Visa Platinum!

Spring has arrived, and summer is right around the corner.  For some of us it is time to work hard, others are ready to play hard, and many of us fall somewhere in-between.  No matter which camp you are in, our new Visa Platinum can guide the way for home improvement projects, impromptu excursions and vacations!

Visa Platinum Rewards Card

Offers rates as low as 10.24%, PLUS cardholders EARN one REWARDS POINT for each $1 spent!

Visa Platinum Non-Rewards Card

Provides rates as low as a SUPER-LOW 8.24% APR!  This non-rewards card is the perfect option for those who prefer a lower interest rate in lieu of earning rewards!

Both Cards Offer 0% APR for Balance Transfers for Six Months!

Smooth the way for a summer of work and play – apply now for your new Visa!


Have a Worry-Free Memorial Day

You worry about your barbecue and beach-day preparations, and let us worry about your online banking security. Our Personal Internet Branch (PIB) feature adds an extra layer of security to your online banking account by allowing you to limit access to your account by time of day, day of week, location, transaction type, dollar amount, and even computer. Log in and click Create My Security to get started. If you don’t see this button, please contact us at the credit union for assistance. Learn more about keeping your money secure.


Moms, Give Yourself the Gift of Flowers

Brighten your day with flowers . . . in online banking! Select “Dusty Rose” for your Color Theme or watch tulips grow with “Nature” for your Photo Album. Log in and click Info Center, then Site Options to start customizing your online banking look!


Recommit Yourself

May is National Recommitment Month, so recommit yourself to saving by starting a new savings account or opening a certificate! Log in and click New Accounts to get started.