Credit Card Debt Hanging Around?

By consolidating high interest credit card debt with a personal loan from CIFCU, you’ll save hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars in interest. And, with only one payment to make, think of all the time you’ll save.  So, gather up those high interest credit card bills and trade them in for a low interest debt consolidation loan.

Scholarship applications have arrived!

The Scholarship Committee of the Cincinnati Area Credit Union Outreach Alliance invites you to apply for a scholarship. There will be at least eight scholarships awarded at $1,000 each. To qualify, you must be at least a senior in a local high school and plan to enroll in post-high school studies, including vocational, professional and academic studies, which are not limited to colleges and universities. Applicants may also be anyone who is obtaining an Associates or Bachelor Degree. You yourself must be a primary member of an Ohio Credit Union in one of the Cincinnati Chapter area counties to be eligible. (Cincinnati Chapter Counties are: Hamilton, Clermont, Brown, Adams, Butler, and Warren).

Details regarding the scholarship and its criteria can be found at or give us a call at 513-569-7878.