Getting Back on Track after the Holidays

The holidays have come to a close and just as you start to put the decorations away, send out your thank you notes, and clean up the confetti from your New Year’s party, the bills start coming in and snap you back into reality. If you went a little overboard during the holiday months and your budget took a hit, there are still things you can do to quickly get back on track for the New Year.

Dedicate some time to take a hard look at your finances and see how much your budget and savings suffered with holiday spending.  This will give you an honest picture of where you stand. Get yourself organized, assess your goals, and create a savings plan to get you and your budget back on track for 2019 and beyond!

Remember, your NorthStar family is always here to help too!  If you need guidance with crafting your post- holiday budget or savings plan, or feel like you have friends or family that would benefit from some financial coaching, we invite you to schedule an appointment online or contact us at (630) 393-7201, option 3 today!


Make Mobile Banking Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

With It’s Me 247 Mobile Banking, you can keep track of your money anywhere you are, via your phone or other smart device. No more worrying about your funds – your account is just a few clicks away! Log into Online Banking and click ‘Go Mobile’ to learn more.


New Year, New Password

The new year has arrived, but security should remain a top priority when accessing online banking.  Keep your account protected by changing your password and security questions at regular intervals.  For additional tips on keeping your money safe, visit


Start Saving for Your 2019 Adventures Today!

You can set up your ACH direct deposit to have part of it go into a savings account, for any trips or vacations that you have planned for 2019. To configure this, log into online banking, click on ‘My Accounts’, and then select ‘ACH Transactions’. Next, click the name of the company and then click on ‘Create New Distribution’. (If you do not see this button displayed, please contact us at the credit union for assistance.) Finally, enter the amount you would like to begin saving. Then select the account, a start and end date, and click ‘Create’ to complete the process.