Mobile App Quick Login


4 new ways to login to your account through our mobile app:

VOICE– use a secure phrase to authenticate your voice and access your account

PIN– create a 4-digit pin number to login to your account.

FINGERPRINT– use the fingerprint software on your phone to gain access to your account.

FACE– use your face to login to your account, just blink to login.


Valentine’s Day is Just Around the Corner

Be sure your account has sufficient money for gifts or travel plans!  Use your computer or mobile device to transfer funds quickly in online banking.  Simply log in and click My Accounts, then Transfer Money.


Stay One Step Ahead of Potential Scammers

Don’t fall prey to scamming attempts!  If you receive any unsolicited requests for your financial information, do not respond to them.  You can review additional tips for keeping your money secure by visiting


Check Out Our 2019 Auto Loan Rates!

Looking for a new vehicle that can power through the snowy weather?  We are happy to help you fund your new car or SUV.  Take a look at our loan rates today – log into Online Banking, click New Accounts at the top of the page, then select More Loan Info.