ATTN Credit Card Holders:

New cards are on their way! Activate new card & new PIN by May 23, 2016

Steps You Need to Take Before May 23:

  1. Confirm that the primary phone number on file in your MidUSA account is correct and accessible to you. You will need to call the card activation line from that phone line once the card arrives.
  2. Watch for your new card to arrive in the mail anytime in the 1st or 2nd week of May. 
  3. ACTIVATE your new MidUSA MasterCard once it arrives. You will activate and create a PIN through the same processIt is important to remember the PIN for your new card as some merchants will still require it to process your transactions. Once activated, keep the card in a safe place until it becomes valid on May 23. Continue to use your old VISA card until May 23.
  4. Note any merchants that are currently charging your MidUSA credit card on a recurring basis (monthly, annually, etc). Please remember to update them with your new card information after May 23 so that your payments to them will be uninterrupted.

On May 23

  1. Begin using your brand new MasterCard Credit Card! Your old VISA Credit Card will be deactivated on May 23, 2016.

Don’t Have a MidUSA Credit Card?

Apply Online Today to claim your place in line for one of the NEW Chip-Enabled MidUSA MasterCard Credit Cards.


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