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Do you already have a cashback credit card somewhere else?

What makes a cashback credit card from Bridge unique is unlike other credit card companies that charge hidden annual fees, higher rates or restrictions on your rewards – we make our cards simple and transparent. You earn unlimited cashback every month and it goes straight into your savings, nothing for you to redeem, it’s that easy.

Do you pay your credit card off every month?

With our cashback credit card you earn cashback on your purchases, so even if you pay off your credit card account every month you’ll still earn the cash rewards monthly!

Some questions you might want to ask when comparing your current credit cards to a Bridge 0% INTRO APR* credit card:

1. What’s your current rate? – According to the national average is over 15% APR.

2.  Do you pay annual fees? – Some fees are as high as $200 – yearly. Often, rewards being offered don’t even equal an annual fee a credit card charges.

3.  Do you have earning limits on your rewards credit card? – There are several cards that limit rewards like cashback and have time limits for redemption.

Get the card and the rewards everyone is talking about… Transfer your balance to a Bridge Platinum Visa® Credit Card TODAY! Say goodbye to balance transfer fees, cash advance fees, annual fees and high interest rates.


Not Sure Where to Put Your Nest Egg?

Take advantage of our great rates and open a new certificate, savings, or checking account with us! Log in and hover over New Accounts to get started.


Don’t Depend on Luck to Keep Your Money Safe

Protect your accounts from identity thieves and hackers by keeping your contact information up to date. Simply log in, hover over Info Center, and then click Personal Information to get started. You can also contact us at the credit union directly. Get more tips on keeping your money secure.