Principle #7: Concern for Community

Principle #6: Cooperation among Cooperatives

Principle #5: Education, Training and Information

Principle #4: Autonomy and Independence


Call for Candidates | Join Bridge’s Board of Directors

One of the many great benefits of your credit union membership is that we have a volunteer Board of Directors that governs the credit union and represents the needs of the membership – you get a voice in your credit union. Annually, our membership elects (3) board members. If you are interested in running as a candidate, please contact us at 800.434.7300.


Don’t Let Hackers Gobble Up Your Savings

Keep identity thieves from accessing your accounts in three simple steps, all available via the Info Center:

  1. Be sure your contact information is up to date,
  2. Set up a username, and
  3. Change your password often. Learn more about keeping your money secure at

Get Balance Alerts on Black Friday

While you’re out snagging those Black Friday deals, ensure your account has enough money in it with our Account Balance eAlerts! Log in and click Info Center, then eAlert Subscriptions to get started!