We’re Changing the Way You Log In!

Toro Credit Union created more ways for you to log in to your mobile banking. You now have 4 easy and convenient ways to access your money. With these new options you can look at your account without the hassle of always providing a pin. Please see below for the great new feature we have created to better your mobile banking experience.

Voice Recognition – Use your voice to authenticate, you will record and submit a passphrase. This setup requires you to record a voice phrase 3 times, once enrolled you will repeat the phrase to authenticate.

PIN – Use a 4-digit PIN to authenticate. To establish PIN authentication, you will enter a chosen 4-digit PIN, and then re-enter the PIN to confirm. To authenticate with PIN, you have to verify the PIN you created.

Fingerprint – Use the fingerprint verification feature on your mobile device to authenticate. To setup fingerprint verification, you will need to verify the fingerprint that is currently setup on your device. Fingerprint verification will only show for those mobile devices that have this capability. To authenticate with fingerprint, you will be asked to place your finger on the device’s sensor.

Face Recognition – Use a face profile to authenticate. To setup face recognition, this requires an analysis of your face. To authenticate with face recognition, you will center your face within the circle and watch the bar at the top for a high-quality image and perform a liveliness test, like blinking.

We are here to better serve you and make your mobile banking experience easier.

Thank you for being a member of Toro Credit Union!


Spring Forward with a New Loan

Looking to make some updates to your home before summer arrives?  In the market for a new car?  Applying for a loan with us is fast and easy!  Log into It’s Me 247 and click ‘Apply Online’ to get started.


Waiting on Your Tax Refund?

Sign up to receive an email notification when your tax refund is deposited into your account!  Simply log in, click on ‘Info Center’, select ‘eAlert Subscriptions’, and then ‘Create New ACH Deposit or Withdrawal eAlert Subscription’.


Make Paper Statements a Thing of the Past

Sign up for eStatements and say goodbye to that extra paper!  Receive your monthly statements in a direct and convenient method, while also better protecting your financial information from potential identity thieves.  Sign up for eStatements today!  Log in, select ‘eStatements’, then click ‘Enroll Now’.  For more tips on how to keep your money safe, visit cusecure.org.