What are you saving for?

Are you saving for a vacation, a new car, a big screen or new furniture? Toro Credit Union makes saving for any of these quick and easy! Simply log into It’sMe247 Online Banking and open a new savings account for whatever it is you’re saving for. Then set up an automatic payroll deduction into this savings account.  You can open as many savings accounts as you need. If you saved $20 per week for the next year (52 weeks) you would have saved $1,040!

Your immediate family members can also start saving with a Toro Credit Union saving account. Remember, immediate family members include spouses, children, stepchildren, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers or sisters. To join all they need to do is click on the online application and follow the steps.

If you have any questions about open a new savings account or family members joining, please call (952.887.8041) or email the credit union.