View Checks Online

Did you know you can view your checks online through _Credit Union 264?

I know, who uses checks right?

But sometimes you do, and you can go online and see digital copies of which checks have cleared.

Here’s How

This feature lets you see a copy of your checks using the CU*CheckViewer. A “snapshot” image of both the front and the back of the check is displayed. Click the Print button provided on the page to print a free copy of that check using your own printer.

If you do not see this option, contact your credit union and tell them you would like to be able to see your cancelled checks online using CU*CheckViewer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a check was reversed as NSF on your account and is later re-posted, look at the original check for the “View this Check” button, not the transaction where the check was re-posted. (This is because of the need to avoid overlap on tracer numbers when checks are posted on a different date.)